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  1. I have always used Woocommerce and have never understood why any legitimate business would use a platform like Shopify. I’m old school I guess, I like to have full control.

  2. I got downvoted on another post for warning people that creating new ads can lead to this. All of the “pros” are telling people to test as much creative as possible now with the iOS changes. For regular people accounts, this is the type of thing you’re forced to deal with on Facebook. I’ll make a thousand changes to targeting before tweaking creative. Facebook is a mess.

  3. If I am not mistaken, making the slightest edit would sort of disrupt its learning algorithm. By the way, will customers see the UTM parameters in the URL of our landing page? (I’m also new to UTM parameters)

  4. Yes customers will see UTM parameters in your URL

  5. Is UTM something that is recommended in order to get better data? Also does it matter if the customers see the UTM parameters?

  6. With how bad FB’s current reporting is, UTM is the only thing that is helping me make informed scaling decisions.

  7. How expensive is your product? Some days I’ll spend $500 before the sales start to come in, other days I’ll start the day with 2 sales in $1 of ad spend.

  8. I think about this often and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I see a lot of people saying to not go there and not be “that guy” when discussing this stuff, but after you spend a million on FB in a year you start to see how much manipulation there clearly is with their results, how much power they actually have. Different accounts get different results. Creative fatigue? Turn it off and make the same ad again and watch the new identical one make instant sales. Do business even somewhat similar to the way FB conducts itself? Get penalized with a low page feedback score and watch them bill you to the breaking point for worse results.

  9. What are common margins for spending $12k+ a month on FB ads? I manufacture products and also work for a brick and mortar company with online sales. So different then dropshipping, but we barely do any PPC. The thought of spending $10k/mo seems really scary if we don't know what our return would be.

  10. You see the results as you go and scale accordingly. I started at $5 a day and was stressed to the max at that spend lol. Worked my way up to $200k+ a month on FB alone. I don’t have a “budget” if I’m getting a return I’m comfortable with.

  11. 2 issues with Stripe stand out to me. When an overseas customer tries to make a payment and Stripe won't let them, because they're overseas. They get a generic error and a failed payment attempt. It's well documented and the only "fix" is to ask my customer to call their card issuer and "white list" the transaction. Happens frequently for me and the one time the customer was asked to call their card issuer, they ended up on the phone for hours with no luck. Embarrassing. We ended up discounting their invoice for the trouble they had. When this happens I fall back on PayPal and I don't trust them at all.

  12. I’m glad you brought this up. This has been a massive issue for us with Stripe as well. We sell on impulse mostly and it’s usually just a lost sale when they get that block. Stripe says it’s out of their control and on the bank side of things. This is the only reason we still offer PayPal.

  13. You would think, but Facebook ads are so manipulated that if you optimize for checkouts, in my experience they will just give you all of the weirdos that they know consistently go to checkout without making a purchase.

  14. I usually get this error when I upload a list and instantly try to create a lookalike from it. Try uploading the list and then wait a few hours to create the lookalike. That’s what works for me.

  15. Just wanted to note that you risk getting the account restricted every time you put out a new creative. So although it most likely is true that creatives are now more important than ever, you do risk losing everything for most likely absolutely no reason when setting up new ads.

  16. What was the reason behind them banning the ad in the first place?

  17. Unacceptable business practices was the official reason

  18. I honestly wouldn’t bother right now if you aren’t a pro at it. Unpredictable results mixed with the atrocious way Facebook treats their small business customers is a recipe for disaster. Give it some time to see if it stabilizes.

  19. Really? So the account is stuck at 50 per day? Do you have a business manager?

  20. Yah, and to make it even more frustrating, one of the accounts they refuse to increase the spend limit on is in the same business manager as an account with a $30k a day limit and a million in spend this year.

  21. That’s so weird. When you say they? Do you still have to talk to the bots even at that level of spend?

  22. Concierge email support, live chat, and “VIP” ad rep. None of them have the ability to do anything. Facebook support even at my spend level is an illusion.

  23. We had CPM’s hitting as high as $350 in the past 48 hours. We’ve spent over $1 million on FB this year. No one can say for certain, but I’d assume you’re just dealing with the mess that is Facebook ads right now. How large is your audience size on the high CPM ad sets?

  24. Facebook is a confusing mess right now. You just need to get your pixel / events setup properly with a verified domain and you’ll be able to optimize for purchases.

  25. Same thing has happened to me. It seems like they changed their algorithm around 4pm PST yesterday. All of a sudden two of my bid cap campaigns started spending about $10,000 at CPCs of $20!!!! It is ridiculous. Today my CPMs are 3x higher than usual and the ads are delivering at CPCs of 4x higher than usual . This is insane. It is a brand new issue and has nothing to do with the ios update.

  26. Did things settle down for you? Our CPM’s hit $100 - $350+ yesterday. Looks about the same again today. Turned off cost cap campaigns

  27. I experience the same. I’m not really sure what to try yet.

  28. Ok that's a huge change. For me (skincare industry) it's a bit better since yesterday, still 50 - 60% down compared to end of May but the biggest problem is inconsistency.

  29. Our average CPM’s have climbed as high as $350 today. We have turned off all Facebook advertising.

  30. What the hell.. here in France in May I could have 3.5€ CPM with broad so this is like a hundred times more. Insane. I also noticed with AdSpy that some big brands cutted off all of their advertising..

  31. It’s actually insane. We asked them for an ad credit to help weather the storm. They said no of course lol.

  32. My average CPM’s just went from $30 to $100+. Some campaigns as high as $350 CPM. Quite a shock to wake up to. Facebook is broken right now.

  33. I understand the logic in this but after spending damn near 500k in ads this is just not the case, i ALWAYS optimize for purchase and get better results compared to when i optimize for lower conversion events to give fb data. If your targeting is correct with your creative Facebook is extremely good at getting you what you want right off that bat.

  34. I agree. I’ve spent $1 million this year and can honestly say that it’s like throwing money away every time we optimize for anything other than purchase

  35. Lol i was just trying to help leave it your choice

  36. Can you not just incorporate for around that much money and not risk the inevitable ban for using a fake verified account?

  37. Does the account spend around the same amount everyday? You probably have an invisible spend limit on the new ad account.

  38. Yes, it spends €40.46 everyday while my budget is €200+.

  39. I believe so. I have a newer account that is still stuck at $250. Impossible to scale anything. Ads aren’t even running after lunch some days. I’m trying to keep all budgets under the invisible spend limit, but that’s severely limiting me on what I can test. Facebook is a mess.

  40. If you create a new ad account on Facebook you have spend limit. Just run some ads for 4-5 days. Spend some money and pay for ads, then this limit will be increased. You need to get trust from Facebook first.

  41. 4-5 days? My new ad account is going on 2 months at the $250 invisible limit...

  42. I had a low budget adset that was doing okay over a few months. About $50 a day. I can unfortunately be a bit indecisive at times with my ad account decisions. I decided to bump the budget up to $2,000 a day, but then moments later decided not to go through with the change and turned off the adset entirely.

  43. Well I know it's still spending for 2 reasons. My wife's account was showing it still active, but shortly after the personal account was banned she lost the ability to see the ads. I also started this page yesterday. The likes are still going up slowly. So I guess at least I'm still seeing some results for now. I'm protesting Facebook until this gets fixed. My wife has set her account to be permanently deleted now. Essentially this is her business, I just help with the ads. It's so unfortunate that this is happening to so many people. :( Did you get it back up and running?

  44. I did not get it restored. Even with my VIP support, they can’t do anything. VIP support agrees that I did not do anything wrong, but the appeal bot doesn’t agree lol.

  45. That sucks to hear. They disabled the account for sure now on my end. I called my credit card to dispute the charges. They did that no problem. They said they were going to block the charges from happening again. Unfortunately I logged into my credit account today and saw new charges. Apparently even after canceling the card they still can keep billing me. According the rep I spoke to just now even canceling the card doesn't matter because facebooks merchant gets notified and the new card details are sent to them. Meaning they can keep charging me indefinitely. I'm at a loss as to what to do now.

  46. I’m not entirely sure that is correct. When we get chargebacks we have the ability to submit evidence to the cardholders bank to have the chargeback reversed. We can re-bill the cardholder only if they have not blocked us / cancelled the card. If they have cancelled the card, we can only put them in collections. This is how it works with every payment processor that I’ve ever used at least :)

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